VaultChain™ accounts are a simple, secure and low-cost solution for managing physical gold and silver positions.

Whether an investor, dealer, bank, vault or producer, a VaultChain™ account combines the security of blockchain custody with the ease and efficiency of digital trading and settlement.



Fungible and divisible ounces of fine gold and silver. Not a security or asset management wrapper, futures contract or minted / numismatic product.


Direct ownership of physical gold and silver vaulted with the Royal Canadian Mint. Owners can request physical delivery via participating dealers*

*According to available product lists that may include fabrication, shipping and handling fees.


Immutable records of ownership are maintained on a cryptographically secure blockchain database which investors can access to independently verify account balances.

Low cost

By eliminating fabrication, management and administrative fees, investors can avoid the layers of expense associated with asset management products and physical bars and coins.

Electronically Traded

Traded on an interdealer electronic market powered by world-class exchange technology. Access is available to global bullion banks and physical commodities dealers and trading firms.


CUSIP-registered for streamlined account and reporting integration.


Example: fees degrade the value of traditional gold investments through time.

Inputs: 5 year investment period comparing Vaultchain™ Gold with alternatives incorporating cost of acquisition and cost of carry. Assumes Vaultchain™ Gold cost of acquisition at 15 bps.

Value lost to fees*

Ounces remaining

*Fee Inputs:

  • Gold Bars: estimated trade execution fees, estimated casting and other fees
  • GLD: prospectus, estimated trade execution fees
  • VaultChain™ Gold: estimated 15 bps cost of acquisition

POSITIONING vaultchain™

  Physical Bars ETFs VaultChain™ Gold and Silver
Generation 1st 2nd 3rd
Generic Ounces
Electronically Traded Limited
Cost of Acquisition 3-5% Low Low
Direct Ownership
Portfolio Integration Limited
Annual Cost of Carry 20-100 bps 40-50 bps 0-14 bps
Physical Delivery

**Cost estimates inclusive of explicit transaction charges, implicit spread, allocation, location swaps and other fees associated with physical gold and silver.

VaultChain™ accounts are available through the following Authorized Dealers.